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VMA Insurance: Your Assets, Our Business

At VMA Insurance, we go out of our way to ensure that the things that matter most to you, matter to us too.

From your building and equipment, to your workers and reputation, and everything in between, your assets are the lifeblood of your business. Which means that, in order for your company to grow and thrive, you need to ensure that these assets stay healthy, too.

That’s where VMA Insurance comes in.

We specialize in providing insurance to the creative, web, marketing, and print industries and will make sure your biggest assets are fully covered. Our in-depth understanding of the risks and liabilities you face means you can be sure we will allocate your insurance dollars wisely.

Our exclusive Graphic Arts and Creative Media Insurance Programs have been endorsed and fully backed by Visual Media Alliance (VMA), formerly Printing Industries of Northern California.

Relax. You’re Covered.

All too often, businesses experience hardships and losses that could have been anticipated and planned for with the proper guidance and oversight.

At VMA Insurance Services, we’ve kept pace with industry changes, the latest technology, and the risks and liabilities today’s creative, web, marketing, and print industry professionals face.

And because we know your business inside and out, we’re able to spot potential challenges before they become major problems.

Are you at risk for electrical or mechanical breakdowns, business interruptions from off-premise power losses, or electronic vandalism? We’ll make sure your biggest assets are protected.

More For Less

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the risks and liabilities your business faces, your insurance dollars are allocated wisely, meaning you get more coverage for far less money.

What’s more, because we’re part of one of the largest trade associations in the country, VMA is able to provide you with serious purchasing power. Choose from a variety of “A”-rated insurance carriers offering discounted rates, and — in many cases — the lowest prices on the market.

Taking Care of You and Your Business, Today and Tomorrow

When you trust your insurance needs to us, you partner with a VMA team insurance expert who will review your needs annually and suggest any changes that your unique business needs may call for. As you add services, equipment, or staff, you’ll appreciate a broker who understands exactly what these changes mean to your success and your exposure to risk.

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