The New Landscape of Risk That Every Business Should Prepare For

Posted by: Nils | Oct 16, 2018

Businesses are facing larger and larger liability claims throughout the country, driven by a number of legal trends that are resulting in bigger lawsuit awards and new risk...

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New OSHA Deadline for Fall Protection

Posted by: Nils | Oct 10, 2018

Slips, trips and falls are some of the leading causes of workplace injuries. They account for 20% of all workplace fatalities, disabling injuries and days away from work in...

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EEOC Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Jump 50%

Posted by: Nils | Oct 05, 2018

As predicted, the #MeToo movement has sparked a surge in sexual harassment complaints against employers. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports a 50% i...

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Why Your Firm May Need Professional Liability Coverage

Posted by: Nils | Oct 04, 2018

A majority of companies are leaving themselves exposed in one crucial area as they take on high-end professional services work. As more companies’ work is intangible, ...

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ICE on Course to Increase I-9 Audits by 400% This Year

Posted by: Nils | Sep 28, 2018

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been stepping up its enforcement by more than doubling the amount of investigations it was doing in 2017. The drive is...

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Employers Failing to Report Serious Injuries to OSHA, DOL finds

Posted by: Nils | Sep 25, 2018

A recent federal government report has urged the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to take steps to ensure that employers report fatalities and injured worker h...

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Do Return-to-Work Programs Work?

Posted by: Nils | Sep 24, 2018

Employers who have an injured worker are caught in a bind – especially if the injury occurred on the job. As the worker recovers, employers are faced with a decision. ...

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NLRB Moves to Restore Joint-Employer Standard

Posted by: Nils | Sep 18, 2018

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a proposed rule that would roll back an Obama-era board decision on joint-employer status for companies that hire subcontracto...

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Preventing Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Posted by: Nils | Sep 12, 2018

Drug and alcohol use by employees on or off the job is a troublesome societal plague that has put many employers on the defensive. Research by the U.S. Department of Lab...

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Preventing Indoor Air Quality Problems

Posted by: Nils | Sep 07, 2018

Poor indoor air quality in the workplace can affect the health, comfort and well-being of your employees, leading to reduced productivity, time away from work and even work...

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