Managing Your Corporate Vehicle Exposure

Posted by: Nils | Jun 22, 2018

AUTOMOBILES ARE one of the most significant exposures to loss a company can face. To ensure that you effectively manage your company’s vehicle liability and risk exposure...

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Preventing Heat Illness as Temperatures Soar

Posted by: Nils | Jun 19, 2018

With temperatures rising, employers with outdoor workers need to take steps to protect them from heat illness. California employers need to be especially mindful as Cal/...

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Employers Expect 6% Hike in Health Costs for 2019

Posted by: Nils | Jun 15, 2018

The IRS has released the inflation-adjusted amounts for 2019 used to determine whether employer-sponsored coverage is “affordable” for purposes of the Affordable Care A...

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How to Retain Your Fleet Coverage

Posted by: Nils | Jun 12, 2018

As insurers continue tightening their underwriting for commercial auto insurance, they are inquiring about companies’ fleet management programs. If a company lacks a p...

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IRS Issues 30,000 ACA Penalty Notices

Posted by: Nils | Jun 08, 2018

The IRS has been sending penalty notices to more than 30,000 businesses nationwide, advising them that they may be out of compliance with the Affordable Care Act employer m...

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Don’t Get Caught without a Business Succession Plan

Posted by: Nils | Jun 05, 2018

Many business owners may be good at running their companies, but the majority of them are failing to address essential long-term planning that is critical to sustaining the...

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Don’t Overlook Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Posted by: Nils | Jun 01, 2018

Imagine it’s a typical July day somewhere in the southern U.S. You own a 30,000-square-foot office building that is 85% occupied – and the air conditioning and ventilat...

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Tips on Hiring Teens for Summer Employment

Posted by: Nils | May 30, 2018

You may be considering taking on some extra workers for the summer months, and often many employers will gravitate towards hiring teenagers looking for temporary work. I...

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Proposed Regs on Small Business Association Plans Could Invite Fraud

Posted by: Nils | May 30, 2018

Proposed regulations that would allow small businesses and individuals to band together to purchase group coverage could open up a new era of fraud in U.S. health insurance...

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Five Ways Employers Can Save on Health Care Costs

Posted by: Nils | May 30, 2018

In recent years, many companies have been dealing with rising health care costs largely by transferring more of the expense and risk on to their employees. But some empl...

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