More Employers to be Subject to Workers’ Comp X-Mods; What it May Mean for Your Firm

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 13, 2022

Employers whose annual premiums exceed $9,200 in annual premiums need to start paying closer attention to their workers’ compensation policies and safety practices.   ...

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State Supreme Court to Weigh In on ‘Take-Home’ COVID Case

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 06, 2022

The California State Supreme Court will take up a case to decide whether an employer can be sued for liability when a worker contracts COVID-19 at work and then passes it o...

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The Dangers of Staffing Agencies That Promise Lower Workers’ Comp Premiums

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 29, 2022

Many employers receive aggressive sales calls from employee leasing firms telling them they can not only get rid of the administrative headache of handling payroll and comp...

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Supreme Court Deals Blow to California Private Attorneys General Act

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 27, 2022

The United States Supreme Court has put a significant dent in California’s Private Attorneys General Act, which in recent years has resulted in a surge in legal actions a...

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Minimum Wage Increases Coming in 12 Counties and Cities

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 24, 2022

As we approach mid-year there are about a dozen cities and counties in the Golden State that will be increasing their minimum wage for employers that operate within their j...

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Don’t Get Caught Holding the Bag If Your Company Is Sued

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 22, 2022

There is no set formula regarding how much liability insurance a business needs. However, the more coverage you have, the more bulletproof your company becomes.   If y...

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The Cost of a Ransomware Goes Beyond the Ransom Paid

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 15, 2022

One of the fastest growing cyber threats to businesses is ransomware, which hackers use to shut down an organization’s computer system until the victim pays a ransom to u...

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How to Avoid Having Your Cyber Claim Denied

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 15, 2022

As online threats continue growing, small businesses need to consider securing cyber insurance policies that can help defray the costs of an attack on their network or thef...

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Three Bills Employers Need to Watch

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 07, 2022

There are three measures progressing in the state Capitol that businesses should keep an eye on as they could have profound effects for them. The measures passed their h...

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Workplace Bullying Can Cost Your Company

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 03, 2022

Workplace bullying is on the increase, and it constitutes a major risk to companies that fail to take action.   If you learn of a bully in your ranks, you need to take...

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