Lawsuits Grow for Incidents from Providing Professional Services

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 25, 2019

People often think of professional liability insurance as something only doctors and lawyers need. The truth is that anyone in any profession can be sued for making bad de...

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Cal/OSHA Working on Rules to Protect Outdoor Workers from Wildfire Smoke

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 24, 2019

Cal/OSHA is developing regulations that would require employers of outdoor workers to provide respiratory equipment when air quality is significantly affected by wildfires...

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Forgiving Employee Theft May Void Coverage for Future Embezzlement

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 21, 2019

If you forgive an employee who has stolen from your company and then that person steals again, you may be voiding any potential insurance recoveries. The problem of not...

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Conduct Diversity Training to Head Off Potential Lawsuits

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 19, 2019

After R&B star SZA said she had security called on her while shopping at a Zefora store in California, the chain closed all of its U.S. stores for an hour to conduct â...

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Make Sure Your Safety Equipment Fits Women on Your Team

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 14, 2019

Perhaps you remember the embarrassing scenario for NASA in early 2019, when the space agency was forced to cancel its first-ever all-woman spacewalk because they didn’t ...

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If Your Firm Is Sued for Discrimination, Act Fast to Check EEOC Complaint

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 13, 2019

Employers that are hit with a discrimination complaint must act fast to compare the allegations in the lawsuit to the earlier complaint the worker filed to the Equal Emplo...

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Why Your Business May Need Pollution Insurance

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jun 07, 2019

Many businesses that produce some type of pollutant throughout the course of daily business operations don’t know they are doing so. Others know they are producing po...

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Off-the-clock Work Ban Can Save You from Legal Troubles

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | May 31, 2019

Wage and hour lawsuits are on the rise, usually with non-exempt employees claiming they weren’t paid either for overtime or for work they may have performed before or af...

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How to Prepare for Possible PG&E Power Shutdowns

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | May 28, 2019

PG&E has warned California residents and businesses that it may shut down the power grid for as long as five days for large portions of the state when there are high-w...

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Annual Insurance Review is Crucial to Your Growing Business

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | May 24, 2019

One of the biggest mistakes owners of growing businesses make is not keeping up their insurance coverage to account for the expanding assets and potential liabilities. ...

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