Driving Risk: When Employees Run Business Errands

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 24, 2019

Have you ever sent an employee out to pick up needed supplies? Offered to buy lunch for the crew and asked an employee to pick it up? Unless you only send employees who ...

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New Overtime Exemption Regs Take Effect Jan. 1, 2020

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 22, 2019

New federal overtime regulations have finally been introduced for non-exempt workers after years of wrangling over the issue. Under the new rule, employers will be requi...

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New Law Prohibits Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreements

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 18, 2019

After years of trying and rejections by former governors, a bill banning mandatory employment arbitration agreements in California has become law. Gov. Gavin Newsom on O...

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As Cyber Threat Mounts, More Companies Take Measures

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 16, 2019

As attacks on businesses’ networks continue increasing at unprecedent levels, cyber risks have become the top concern among organizations of all sizes for the first time,...

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Why It Is Important to Review Your Business Insurance Annually

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 09, 2019

One of the keys to managing risks when you first start a business is getting the right insurance to cover your operations, property and potential liabilities. Unfortunat...

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Harassment Training Deadline Pushed Back for Some Employers

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 04, 2019

As you should already be aware, any employer with five or more workers is required to conduct sexual harassment prevention training for their staff by the end of 2019 under...

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How to Keep from Hiring a Serial Workers’ Comp Filer

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Oct 03, 2019

As employers have found in the last few years, hiring has become more difficult as the labor market has tightened amid a strong economy. With slim pickings, many firms a...

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New Law Significantly Changes When Injuries Must Be Reported to Cal/OSHA

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Sep 27, 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a measure into law that will greatly expand when employers are required to report workplace injuries to Cal/OSHA. The new law, AB 1805, broa...

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The Importance of Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Sep 23, 2019

Every employer, no matter how small, faces the specter of being sued by a past, present or prospective employee at some time. In fact, such employment practices claims a...

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The Difficulty of Dealing with Workers with Substance Abuse Problems

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Sep 20, 2019

With the opioid epidemic continuing to sweep the nation, more and more workers are battling addiction than ever before. But if you as an employer suspect or know one of ...

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