Is Your Workplace Prepared for Violence?

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Apr 21, 2022

In 2020, more than 20,000 people were injured in workplace assaults; almost 400 died. The number of workplace injuries and fatalities from violent incidents has climbed ste...

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Cal/OSHA’s New COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard Loosens Some Requirements

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Apr 20, 2022

Cal/OSHA has issued new language that amends its current COVID-19 emergency temporary standard and pushes back the expiration date of the ETS until the end of the year.  ...

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New Bill Would Make Full Time Four Days a Week

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Apr 15, 2022

A new measure introduced in the California Legislature would change the definition of a workweek in state Labor Code for employers with 500 or more workers to 32 hours fro...

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Think Like a Risk Manager to Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Apr 15, 2022

All large corporations and national businesses have someone in charge of risk management, if not a whole department. But hiring a risk specialist or dedicating a number ...

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Take Steps to Protect Your Employees’ Personal Information

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Apr 08, 2022

As identity theft continues growing, one of the main treasure troves that criminals covet is employee data. After all, it typically contains your staff’s personally ident...

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Companies Bleed Data as Employees Move It Offsite

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Apr 01, 2022

The more employees are working from home, the greater the risk that their employers’ sensitive date is also being stored on their poorly secured devices and laptops.  ...

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Long-COVID Cases Cause Workers’ Comp Headaches

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Mar 31, 2022

Long-COVID cases among workers who contracted the coronavirus on the job are making life complicated for insurers as the workers continue requiring treatment and doctors’...

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Managing Your Internal Supply Chain Risk: Equipment Failure

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Mar 24, 2022

As a business owner you area already know you need to protect against and plan for external supply chain risks. These risks are often out of your control as they can affect...

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Employers Tap Technology to Tackle Distracted Driving

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Mar 23, 2022

Everyone knows the dangers of distracted driving, but the stakes are much higher when the driver of a commercial vehicle is distracted.   As a result of this danger, m...

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CalSavers Registration for Small Employers Deadline Nears

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Mar 22, 2022

The deadline is fast approaching for employers with 5 or more workers in California, and who do not already offer their employees a retirement plan, to register their staff...

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