More Employers Ask Workers to Sign COVID-19 Waivers, but They May Not Be Legal

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Aug 12, 2020

As lawsuits against employers continue rising amid the coronavirus pandemic, some businesses are requiring workers to sign waivers absolving them of liability and responsib...

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Number of COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claims Continues Rising

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Aug 07, 2020

While the pandemic rages on, the number of workers in the U.S. who are filing COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims is increasing and are accounting for a growing portion...

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State Issues COVID-19 Employer Playbook

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Aug 07, 2020

The state Department of Public Health has issued the “COVID-19 Employer Playbook,” which is designed to provide in-depth guidance for reopening business operations and ...

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Raft of Bills Would Add New COVID-19 Rules for Employers

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Aug 04, 2020

The California Legislature is working on a number of new measures to protect workers in the state during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures take aim at “holes” in t...

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Insurers Don’t Have to Pay for Testing Returning Workers: HHS

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 29, 2020

New guidance from the Trump administration absolves insurers of the responsibility of paying for COVID-19 tests that are required for workers who are returning to the job. ...

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OSHA’s Guidance for PPE and COVID-19

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 24, 2020

While Fed-OSHA has not issued specific regulations regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-19, employers are still required under existing rules to conduct ...

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Commercial Property Insurance Rates Rise as Risks Grow

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 22, 2020

Commercial property insurance rates are on the rise across the country as insurers continue wrestling with the toll of increasing natural disasters, rising social unrest ar...

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COVID-19 Prompts Telemedicine Boom in Workers’ Compensation

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 17, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has brought to the fore a cost-saving approach to medical care for injured workers being treated through the workers’ compensation system: telemedicin...

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Five Steps for Protecting the Data of Your Firm, Customers and Employees

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 14, 2020

In this era of connectedness, increased telecommuting, smartphones that keep staff connected to the office and cyber criminals constantly waging attacks on businesses, you ...

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New Emergency Workers’ Compensation Rules Take Effect

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jul 07, 2020

The Department of Insurance has approved emergency workers’ compensation rules dealing with COVID-19 and California employers. The rules were recommended by the Worker...

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