Cyber Attacks, Number One Risk for Businesses: Survey

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Feb 03, 2022

A new survey has found that cyber risks have become the number one concern among businesses, replacing the COVID-19 pandemic and business interruption as the top risks in 2...

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Record-Keeping Key for Businesses During Pandemic

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 28, 2022

With more lawsuits proliferating against employers during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to be more diligent than ever about their record-keeping.  Besides faci...

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Emergency Escape Plans Save Employee Lives; Do You Have One?

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 27, 2022

What would your employees do in an emergency?   Are they prepared for the unexpected? Do they know what to do? Do they know whom to call for help? Are they qualified t...

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8 Tips to Shorten the Life of Workers’ Comp Claims

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 21, 2022

One workers’ compensation claim can send your experience modifier spiraling out of control if the injured employee stays away from work for an extended period of time. ...

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Employers Fear Liability from ‘Take-Home’ COVID-19 Lawsuits

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 19, 2022

Can someone recover damages from a business if they claim that a family member caught COVID-19 at work and spread it to them? For California businesses, a court recently sa...

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Time to Post Your OSHA Form 300A

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 14, 2022

Employers with 10 or more employees must post their completed OSHA Form 300A by Feb. 1 and keep it posted in their workplace until April 30. The form must be posted wher...

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Changes to Cal/OSHA COVID Rules Take Effect Jan. 14

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 13, 2022

A heads-up for California employers: Cal/OSHA’s new COVID-19 workplace safety rules are changing on Jan. 14.  One of the biggest changes ushered in by the new rules w...

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What You Need to Know About Business Owner’s Policies 

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 10, 2022

Business insurance can get complicated. Small businesses need to protect themselves against damage to their property, income they may lose if they have to shut down after t...

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In-House Inspections Crucial to a Safe Workplace

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 06, 2022

When was the last time you or the person responsible for doing so walked around your facility, warehouse, office or other workplace and did a safety inspection?   Your...

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Long-Haul COVID Can Be Covered under ADA

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 03, 2022

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued guidance stating that employees suffering from “long COVID-19” may be protected under workplace disability discri...

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