Paid Sick Leave Can Reduce Workplace Injuries, Study Finds

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Feb 07, 2020

A new study has found that workers who are provided with paid sick leave are less likely to suffer workplace injuries than those without access to such leave. Researcher...

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Employer Guide for Dealing with the Coronavirus

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Feb 06, 2020

As the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus gains momentum and potentially begins to spread in North America, employers will have to start considering what steps they can...

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Job Hazard Analysis Key to Keeping Workers Safe

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 31, 2020

Job-related injuries occur every day in workplaces across the country. Often these injuries happen because employees have not been trained or, over time, have gotten lax in...

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Searching Social Media During Hiring Process

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 29, 2020

If you are hiring, you should not overlook the importance of vetting prospective employees through social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. A recent survey...

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Make Sure You Are Posting All Required Employee Notices

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 24, 2020

Thousands of companies are cited every year for not posting the correct labor law notices in a conspicuous place in their workplaces so that all of their employees can see ...

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Study Finds Physical Medicine Reduces Opioid Use Among Injured Workers

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 24, 2020

Physical medicine treatments like physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care correspond with reduced opioid prescription use among injured workers, a new study has...

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DOL Issues New Rules for Joint-Employer Status

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 17, 2020

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued new and more simplified rules for determining joint-employer status, which can often be found in work involving temporary workers, s...

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Controversial Law Suffers Early Legal Setbacks

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 15, 2020

California’s controversial independent contractor law suffered its first two legal setbacks in January after trucking firms and independent truckers were able beat back a...

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Most Commercial Insurance Lines Seeing Increases

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 10, 2020

A new report by Willis Towers Watson predicts that most commercial insurance lines will see increases in 2020 as the market continues to harden almost across the board, wit...

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How to Avoid Running Afoul of Wage and Hour Laws

Posted by: VMA Insurance Services | Jan 08, 2020

With increases in litigation and federal and state enforcement of wage and hour laws, employers should make sure they comply with laws at both the federal and state levels....

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