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For our Corporate members, VMA offers commercial insurance coverage discounts and advice from our licensed business insurance experts. Comprehensive packages include property, liability, auto, worker’s comp, errors-and-omissions, 401(k) plans, life-and-disability, supplemental benefits, and much more.

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Property and General Liability
This flexible, comprehensive policy for business owners covers all of your property insurance needs, from buildings to contents, and includes liability protection against negligence lawsuits. Additional coverage may
include business interruption, vehicle, liability, and flood insurance.

Building Owner’s Property and Liability Insurance
Why should business owners have all the coverage fun? This plan covers everything featured in the Property and General Liability plan, but is designed with the specific needs of property owners in mind.

Worker’s Compensation
Because planning is everything, our Worker’s Compensation package offers coverage for your employees when they become ill or are injured on the job.

Commercial Auto and Umbrella
Accidents happen; insufficient insurance coverage shouldn't. Our Commercial Auto and Umbrella insurance protects your business in the event that an accident, injury, theft, or other damage happens while in a company vehicle.

Professional Liability
Business is full of ups and downs. And when the downs happen (like copyright infringement, confidentiality breaches, character defamation, and more), there’s VMA’s Professional Liability insurance.

Cyber Liability
How do you ensure your business is protected in a virtual space? Cyber Liability covers user privacy, domain name infringement, damages from the dissemination of content, the use of photos online, and more.

Management Liability
Because they operate at greater exposure levels, directors, officers, managers, and business entities require different levels of protection. That’s where VMA’s Management Liability insurance comes in.

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